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Using mouse clicks to save Likert scale response

Posted by kms 
Using mouse clicks to save Likert scale response
May 04, 2024 06:01AM
Hi Jaewon,

We would like to create a Likert scale like object on the screen and be able to register (button or key-presses like) responses from participants on the specified numbers of the scale (like 1, 2 and so on).

Is there any example code or documentation on how we could go about doing it in ML, perhaps using mouse tracker function?

Re: Using mouse clicks to save Likert scale response
May 06, 2024 12:54PM
It seems a matter of imagination. There are many ways to do so and I think everything necessary is well-documented already.

The entire scale can be drawn with a tool like MS Paint or PowerPoint and presented as an image in NIMH ML. Then you can check key input or set a fixation window on each scale level to capture the mouse cursor.

If some visual feedback is desired, like the attached mouse_input task, you can create some interactive scene with existing adapters or build a custom adapter.
open | download - mouse_input.zip (5.2 KB)
open | download - key_input.zip (5 KB)

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