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Announcement 2.2.2 (Oct 8, 2020) 10/08/2020 11:31AM
Announcement 2.2.1 (Aug 28, 2020) - for Windows 10 and 64-bit MATLAB only 08/28/2020 06:49PM
Announcement 2.0.222 (Aug 25, 2020) - the last version for Windows 7 and 32-bit MATLAB 08/17/2020 04:04PM
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Use of mouse to control the task in Runtime version1

by surabhi.ramawat
4 1 10/23/2020 08:27AM
Last Post by surabhi.ramawat

Eyelink integration

by Vanhoyland
16 4 10/22/2020 04:42PM
Last Post by Jaewon

CRT monitor

by georgiag
10 2 10/21/2020 04:32PM
Last Post by Jaewon

Lots of skipped frames

by aboharbf
32 6 10/21/2020 04:27PM
Last Post by Jaewon

Changing Trial Errors

by marmosets
17 5 10/19/2020 02:47PM
Last Post by marmosets

Accessing behavioral code times during the trial

by RN8JR
10 2 10/15/2020 05:20PM
Last Post by Jaewon

Sound cards in MonkeyLogic

by monkeybusiness
18 3 10/15/2020 10:29AM
Last Post by monkeybusiness

Timing out task with MultiTarget & ComplementaryWindow

by marmosets
21 5 10/14/2020 03:35PM
Last Post by marmosets

Problem in saving a new threshold in Photodiode Tuner Attachments

by suzukit
19 3 10/08/2020 05:16PM
Last Post by suzukit

tobii sdk integration

by bcorr
48 4 10/08/2020 11:50AM
Last Post by Jaewon

Timestamps in filenames

by RN8JR
348 3 10/01/2020 11:55AM
Last Post by RN8JR

GigE Vision camera

by acecala
350 2 09/18/2020 11:02AM
Last Post by Jaewon

eventcodes sent (or read) twice

by jjballesteros
339 2 09/10/2020 03:29PM
Last Post by Jaewon

using non-default sample rates

by lucast4
345 2 09/04/2020 02:57PM
Last Post by Jaewon

How to get total trial numbers in code?

by Ming
350 2 09/04/2020 08:24AM
Last Post by Jaewon

high refresh rate Attachments

by amir
390 4 09/04/2020 12:39AM
Last Post by amir

Doubts regarding MlRecord.EyeTransform Attachments

by Jhilik Das
38 3 09/01/2020 03:21PM
Last Post by Jhilik Das

Userloop Configurations Randomly Selects Distractor and Locations

by marmosets
29 1 08/31/2020 03:52PM
Last Post by marmosets

losing webcam video stream

by lucast4
23 2 08/31/2020 12:23PM
Last Post by Jaewon

bug in setting AI sample rate

by lucast4
28 2 08/28/2020 10:11AM
Last Post by Jaewon

draw taskobjects on control screen only

by bts
44 6 08/23/2020 05:03PM
Last Post by bts

specify width and height of video files

by bts
22 3 08/19/2020 01:48PM
Last Post by bts

super large bhv2 files

by Michelle
75 11 08/19/2020 11:51AM
Last Post by Jaewon

cfg2 file

by aoa
52 3 08/11/2020 02:46AM
Last Post by aoa

remove reward_dur editable

by bts
46 3 08/10/2020 08:58PM
Last Post by bts

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