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Announcement 2.2.47 & 2.0.268 (Jun 30, 2024) 07/02/2024 03:47PM
Announcement 2.2.45 & 2.0.266 (Mar 28, 2024) 03/28/2024 05:37PM
Announcement 2.2.44 & 2.0.265 (Feb 16, 2024) 02/22/2024 05:05PM
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Register your email address

by Jaewon
569 1 03/03/2021 04:05PM
Last Post by Jaewon

How to change ITI dynamically during a task/session? (as opposed to a set ITI value)

by apersello34
28 3 07/08/2024 10:22AM
Last Post by apersello34

Eye position data not saved in AnalogData after recalibrating Attachments

by elorec01
28 2 07/01/2024 12:53PM
Last Post by Jaewon

"Phorum Database Error" when searching the forum

by apersello34
32 2 07/01/2024 12:12PM
Last Post by apersello34


by rad155upitt
38 1 06/24/2024 10:24AM
Last Post by rad155upitt

Touch Feedback during trial

by CptCook95
37 2 06/18/2024 02:35PM
Last Post by Jaewon

Collecting Analog Data every MS

by CptCook95
54 5 06/18/2024 12:39PM
Last Post by CptCook95

Built in holdtime in SinglaTarget/WaitThenHold? Attachments

by Pawel
50 3 06/15/2024 11:26AM
Last Post by Pawel

Computer Tablet Specs for running single-screen in-cage training sesions

by apersello34
65 2 06/07/2024 01:06AM
Last Post by MoonL

occasionally Time from SingleTarget is empty, and a timing question

by Pawel
59 7 05/31/2024 05:15PM
Last Post by Pawel

Graded reward based on how accurately a stimuli is touched

by kevank08
62 2 05/29/2024 12:38PM
Last Post by Jaewon

Avoid CircleGraphic stimuli being overlapped

by Yidong_YANG
31 2 05/27/2024 11:17AM
Last Post by Jaewon

Python function to read bhv2 files

by DHaehnke
697 5 05/25/2024 10:17AM
Last Post by alec_sheffield

inquiries on Max Latency / Cycle Rate v. Framing Interval / Drawing Time

by mbarrettogarcia
63 3 05/15/2024 09:55AM
Last Post by mbarrettogarcia

Integrating "Identification" into MonkeyLogic Setup

by ShiinSaad
75 4 05/14/2024 02:28PM
Last Post by Jaewon

High FPS webcam

by daddaoua1978
80 5 05/14/2024 02:09PM
Last Post by daddaoua1978

timing file from data file

by holmescharles
50 1 05/09/2024 06:27PM
Last Post by holmescharles

Using mouse clicks to save Likert scale response

by kms
43 2 05/06/2024 12:54PM
Last Post by Jaewon

Mouse data in data files

by holmescharles
46 2 05/06/2024 11:55AM
Last Post by Jaewon

Coordinates in pixel and heatmaps Attachments

by lancora90
87 5 04/30/2024 10:54AM
Last Post by lancora90

Accessing data from previous trials

by holmescharles
75 6 04/29/2024 10:38PM
Last Post by Jaewon

TrialRecord.User not recorded in data in .bhv2 log file or mlread cannot read

by haoran
446 6 04/24/2024 06:59PM
Last Post by Jaewon

Tracking Consecutive Correct Trials and Block Transition Automation

by annaipata
78 8 04/17/2024 06:10PM
Last Post by Jaewon

To strobe or not to strobe

by PeterK
63 2 04/16/2024 05:33PM
Last Post by Jaewon

Pupil size data

by haozhou.jiang
74 2 04/15/2024 11:06AM
Last Post by Jaewon

Web Cam

by daddaoua1978
164 4 04/12/2024 01:12PM
Last Post by Jaewon

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