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Announcement 2.2.34 & 2.0.255 (Mar 2, 2023) 03/03/2023 03:04PM
Announcement 2.2.33 & 2.0.254 (Feb 8, 2023) 02/08/2023 05:27PM
Announcement 2.2.32 & 2.0.253 (Jan 7, 2023) 01/08/2023 05:05AM
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Register your email address

by Jaewon
383 1 03/03/2021 04:05PM
Last Post by Jaewon

Pre-loading images using MGL

by curiousgeorge
9 2 03/22/2023 11:22AM
Last Post by Jaewon

RandomDotMotion in square region

by younesvalibeigi
13 1 03/19/2023 11:36AM
Last Post by younesvalibeigi

Adapter Property to analog/digital output

by MoonL
69 8 03/08/2023 11:35PM
Last Post by MoonL

On Error - maximum number of repeated errors?

by VHohendorf
40 3 03/02/2023 03:03AM
Last Post by VHohendorf

Seeking advice on avoiding repetitive code with CircleGraphic() in Monkeylogic receptive mapping

by younesvalibeigi
56 4 02/26/2023 12:37PM
Last Post by Jaewon

Questions about binocular tracking Attachments

by xiaoxu1107
187 16 02/26/2023 10:03AM
Last Post by Jaewon

Blink detection on real time

by IVanegas
92 9 02/17/2023 04:42PM
Last Post by IVanegas

Questions about pupil size and others

by lu
68 4 02/17/2023 08:09AM
Last Post by Jaewon

How to increase the number of channels in TCP/IP eye tracker GUI

by xiaoxu1107
41 2 02/16/2023 11:52PM
Last Post by Jaewon

How to control total time of all Trials? Attachments

by _Richard_
70 4 02/16/2023 01:58AM
Last Post by Jaewon

Question about error during trial Attachments

by MarinaRuelas
49 2 02/13/2023 07:27PM
Last Post by Jaewon

TimeCounter Adapter Inconsistent Across Sessions Attachments

by rahim_hashim
47 2 02/10/2023 09:22PM
Last Post by Jaewon

Question about MultiTarget AcquiredTime

by pilipala
142 6 02/01/2023 10:01PM
Last Post by pilipala

Questions about webcam: frame rate and record timing

by momoyuki
41 2 02/01/2023 04:43PM
Last Post by Jaewon

Monkeylogic crashes with matlab using arduino board

by Veronica_Su
51 1 01/30/2023 09:52PM
Last Post by Veronica_Su


by Matty
54 3 01/27/2023 12:28AM
Last Post by Matty

How to create an empty subject pause screen consistently

by PatrickM
162 12 01/18/2023 06:04PM
Last Post by Jaewon

Using Arduino to reward during eye calibrating

by xiaoxu1107
193 7 01/17/2023 08:27AM
Last Post by Jaewon

Combination of Concurrent and Sequential Attachments

by Yidong_YANG
161 11 01/13/2023 11:19AM
Last Post by Yidong_YANG

How to present 1000+ images in a run

by MoonL
164 3 01/11/2023 12:44AM
Last Post by MoonL

stimuli not loaded; user-defined

by PeterK
108 14 01/10/2023 06:45PM
Last Post by PeterK

Interleaved Stereo

by visual_research
55 1 01/09/2023 06:25PM
Last Post by visual_research

Escape to pause experiment doesn't clear subject screen

by vdcosta
185 5 01/08/2023 12:41PM
Last Post by Jaewon

Eye Tracker SR Research

by lancora90
75 1 12/05/2022 10:47AM
Last Post by lancora90

MovieGraphic, There is no video frame in this file. Attachments

by PatrickM
75 3 11/22/2022 11:42PM
Last Post by PatrickM

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