Current Release (v2.2)

This version requires Windows 10 (or later) and 64-bit MATLAB (R2014b or later). Check the current version number.


Previous Release (v2.0)

Install this version if you have Win7 or 32-bit MATLAB. See the system requirements of this version.

NIMH_MonkeyLogic_2.0.mlappinstall (MATLAB R2012b or later)

Citation information

Hwang J, Mitz AR, Murray EA (2019) NIMH MonkeyLogic: Behavioral control and data acquisition in MATLAB. J Neurosci Methods 323:13-21.


NIMH MonkeyLogic is available free in the form of a MATLAB app installer or a zip archive. No guarantee is made as to its reliability or suitability for any application, as individual implementations will vary. All are encouraged to thoroughly test the system and confirm that the timing accuracy is within maximum allowable tolerances, because it will depend on hardware types and settings.

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