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To strobe or not to strobe

Posted by PeterK 
To strobe or not to strobe
April 16, 2024 04:24PM
Hello all,

I have a "downstream" system (BioSemi EEG) that can read 8-bit logic but does not (appear) to need a strobe bit.


However, the system does not seem to register any event codes unless I have the strobe bit defined in ML.

If I need to define a strobe for ML to output event codes ( do I? ), where should I send this seemingly dummy strobe bit?
Re: To strobe or not to strobe
April 16, 2024 05:33PM
It did not work without assigning Strobe Bit, because the strobe option that you chose required the Strobe Bit. "Send and Clear" does not need Strobe Bit. See the following manual page.

If you are okay with your current setting, there is no need to send the strobe bit anywhere. Just leave it unconnected.

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