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Touch Feedback during trial

Posted by CptCook95 
Touch Feedback during trial
June 17, 2024 04:28PM

I am wondering how I might be able to implement some subtle feedback when a tracker such as touch is within a threshold. For instance, on many phones, when a button is touched, the button will darken momentarily and can also grow a small amount if held.

My current goal is to take a purely white circle graphic [1 1 1] and darken it slightly while it is being touched. I would also like to have it grow slightly (*1.1 diameter) while it is being touched. It would be ideal if I could set up an interpolation period between the two states (pressed, not pressed) so that it does not switch states immediately but rather over a short duration.

Would this be possible with the GraphicProperty adapter and FixTimeAnalyzer? Please advise, thank you!
Re: Touch Feedback during trial
June 18, 2024 02:35PM
See the attached task. You can also make your own adapter for this kind of stuff, if it cannot be done with existing adapters.
open | download - CptCook95.zip (891 bytes)

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