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Mouse data in data files

Posted by holmescharles 
Mouse data in data files
May 03, 2024 07:22PM
Hi! Hopefully this is a quick question/answer: I'm looking at mouse data in the data files, e.g., /ML/Trial1/AnalogData/Mouse. These data are 4 x "however many samples". I think the first 2 rows are x and y positions, but its not clear to me what the other 2 rows are. My best guess is left and right click state or maybe row 3 is some button state and row 4 is the button identity. Are either of these right?


PS, I can't find documentation about the contents of the data files. Please let me know if I'm being dense and just missed something obvious somewhere. spinning smiley sticking its tongue out
Re: Mouse data in data files
May 06, 2024 11:55AM
They are [x_pos y_pos left_click right_click]. You could probably figure it out yourself if you tried plotting them.

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