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High FPS webcam

Posted by daddaoua1978 
High FPS webcam
May 01, 2024 10:33AM
Hi All,
Is there anybody out there who did acquire movies, successfully, using a webcam with ML with high FPS (say 90 or 120 frames/sec)?
If so, can you please let know which webcam did you use?
I got the Logitech Brio, which theoretically can do 120 fps (using their software), but ML can only acquire at 30 fps.
Thanks a lot for your feedback.

Re: High FPS webcam
May 02, 2024 04:48PM
You can certainly acquire at faster than 30 fps. It is just that you do not see which format supports higher rates until you click on them. The frame rate written in the Format string is just the default rate in that video resolution. You actually need to check the Frame rate option to see if you can slide the bar to over 30. I find this may not be convenient, so I am thinking of a better way to show the information. The higher frame rates are often supported only for MJPEG, so check the MJPEG formats in the list.


I changed the Format string to show the range of available frame rates, as shown below. Please download the package again.

open | download - fps_range.png (3.8 KB)
Re: High FPS webcam
May 14, 2024 09:39AM
Hi Jaewon,
Thanks for your reply and the modification.
I did download the latest version (Mar 28, 2024) and it does not seem to have the modification that you made.
See attachment.

open | download - Capture10.JPG (399.8 KB)
Re: High FPS webcam
May 14, 2024 10:46AM
Yes, it does. I double-checked all the packages.

I did not change the version number, so, if you downloaded before May 2, you need to do it again.

Please check if any older version is in the MATLAB path. If so, remove it.
Re: High FPS webcam
May 14, 2024 02:09PM
Nice, it works.
Thank you.

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