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Eventcode labels

Posted by Jaewon 
Eventcode labels
September 06, 2019 12:13AM
The original ML allows registering a text file that lists eventcodes and descriptors so that they are stored in the data file. NIMH ML supports this as well, but, rather than letting you pick up an arbitrary text file, it reads from a file of a fixed name, codes.txt.

By default, NIMH ML reads codes.txt in its installation path, which contains 4 eventcodes shown below. The Code and Description columns are tab-delimited (i.e., separated by tabs). Eventcodes added to this file are used by all the tasks run with this copy of NIMH ML.
Code	Description
9	Start trial
13	Frame skipped
14	Manual reward
18	End trial

You can keep a separate list of eventcodes and descriptors for each task. To do so, make a copy of codes.txt in your task directory and use it instead. If codes.txt exists in both NIMH ML installation path and task directory, the one in the task directory has priority. The "Edit behav. codes" button on the Input/Output submenu always opens codes.txt associated with the current task.

Also you can add the list in the timing script without codes.txt. See the bhv_code function for further information.

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