Nov 8, 2019 build 198
November 08, 2019 11:15AM
* Changes in NIMH MonkeyLogic 2 (Nov 8, 2019)

+ A new adapter, AnalogInputMonitor, is added for online analog input

+ During the I/O Test, the voltage range of each General Input in the display
can be adjusted. To change the range, click one General Input panel and then
click the current max/min voltage shown on the right side of the panel. Use
the arrow cursor keys to increase/decrease the value.

+ Voice recording is available from the Non-DAQ device settings. This feature
does not use hardware acceleration yet so there can be a few hundred
millisecond delay.

- A problem that ImageChanger did not handle multiple MGL IDs properly (since
build 187) is fixed.

- A mistyped variable name in bhv2mat.m is fixed. (Thanks to aboharbf from the
ML forum)

- The way of converting old config files (*_cfg2.mat) is improved. (Thanks to
kms from the ML forum)

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