2.2.28 & 2.0.249 (Jul 5, 2022)
July 05, 2022 05:01AM
* Changes in 2.2.28 (Jul 5, 2022)

+ Support for Tobii Pro eye trackers (v2.2 only)

+ Graphic adapters can be set as targets in many behavior analyzing adapters,
including SingleTarget and MultiTarget.

+ A new graphic adapter, GraphicContainer, is added. This adapter can
aggregate multiple graphic adapters into one.

+ Graphic adapters have the "Enable" property now. If there are multiple
objects in an adapter, they can be selectively turned on/off with it.

box = BoxGraphic(null_);
box.List = { [1 0 0], [1 0 0], [2 2], [-5 0]; ...
[0 0 1], [0 0 1], [2 2], [5 0] }; % two boxes in the adapter
box.Enable(2) = false; % turn off the 2nd box

+ MultiTarget
1) A bug that MultiTarget did not stop immediately after a fixation break is
2) It has a new option ("AllowFixBreak") that allows fixation break before
committing to one target.

+ JoyTracker & Joy2Tracker
Turning on and off the joystick cursor is done with a tracker method now,
in consistency with MouseTracker.

joy_.showcursor(true); % show the cursor of the 1st joystick
joy2_.showcursor(false); % hide the cursor of the 2nd joystick

+ MouseTracker
For consistency with JoyTracker, now the mouse cursor is shown all the
time, not just only when the MouseTracker is actually used in the scene.
To control the appearance and position of the mouse cursor, use the
following two tracker methods.

mouse_.showcursor(false); % hide the mouse cursor from the subject
mouse_.setCursorPos([xdeg ydeg]); % move the mouse cursor to the XY pos

+ mlplayer runs some scene framework tasks better now.

+ Increased the number of TTLs to 16.

- The error that the space key crashed the calibration tools is fixed. This
bug was introduced in the previous version.

- The problem that closing the IO test window with the X button terminated the
task is fixed. (Thanks to lucast4 from the NIMH ML forum)

- Minor fixes

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