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Posted by Jaewon 
June 17, 2019 01:57AM
The Screen object has information about the subject screen, such as screen size, refresh rate, etc.
Screen.SubjectScreenRect         % [left top right bottom] in Windows coordinates
Screen.Xsize                     % in pixels
Screen.Ysize                     % in pixels
Screen.SubjectScreenAspectRatio  % Xsize / Ysize
Screen.SubjectScreenFullSize     % [Xsize Ysize]
Screen.SubjectScreenHalfSize     % 0.5 * [Xsize Ysize]
Screen.RefreshRate               % in hertz
Screen.FrameLength               % in milliseconds
Screen.BackgroundColor           % [R G B]

It can be accessed in the timing file. Even when it is not directly available, you can retrieve it from MLConfig.
Screen = MLConfig.Screen;

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