2.2.12 & 2.0.233 (Mar 16, 2021)
March 16, 2021 04:32PM
* Changes in 2.2.12 (Mar 16, 2021)

+ userplot.m in the task directory is used as the user plot function, even if
the file is not selected in the main menu.

+ A new adapter, BackgroundColorChanger, is added.

- The location of the default configuration file (monkeylogic_cfg2.mat) is
moved from tempdir to %LocalAppData%\NIMH_MonkeyLogic.

- The problem that errors in the timing scripts were reported repeatedly even
after they were fixed is resolved.

- behaviorsummary works smoothly now even when the necessary directories are
not added to the MATLAB path.

- The placement of resizable windows became more accurate.

- Improved detection of when to save settings.

- rewind_movie, rewind_sound, get_movie_duration and get_sound_duration are
deprecated and replaced with rewind_object and get_object_duration.

* Changes in 2.2.11 (Mar 8, 2021)

+ mlplayer reproduces the scenes that reused the same adapters better. This
applys to new data files only.

- A problem that mlplayer displayed undelivered reward for some data files is

- A bug that typing in SubjectName just reloaded the current configuration is

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