2.2.23 & 2.0.244 (Jan 1, 2022)
January 01, 2022 04:48PM
* Changes in 2.2.23 (Jan 1, 2022)

+ AudioSound can set the looping property to repeat sounds indefinitely.

- BHV2 files created with NIMH ML 2.0 earlier than the Apr 15, 2019 version
may not be readable, if you try to read them:

1) in MATLAB R2020a or later
2) with a later version of NIMH ML (e.g., v2.2)
3) on the operating system of a different language or platform
(e.g., localized Windows or Linux)

To fix it, type the following two lines on the MATLAB command window before
reading the files. See fopen for all available encoding schemes.
% change 'windows-1252' to the encoding of the old BHV2 files

- Movie files of which frame times are encoded incorrectly due to round-off
errors are handled better.

- convert_format() warns of overwriting exsting files.

- Minor fixes & improvements

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