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2.2.7 & 2.0.228 (Jan 27, 2021) - critical fix

Posted by Jaewon 
2.2.7 & 2.0.228 (Jan 27, 2021) - critical fix
January 27, 2021 01:51PM
* Changes in 2.2.7 (Jan 27, 2021)

+ Selected values in the signal type, I/O boards, Subsystem and Ch/Ports
panels are not reset to the first value when the [Assign] button is clicked.
This makes it easy to assign other signal types subsequently.

+ DIO lines can be configured for input or output individually, even though
they are in the same port. Since it is not programmatically detectable
whether an NI board supports this per line configuration or not, it is now
users' responsibility to check the compatibility of the board. Most of NI
boards supports it. See the following link for the list of those devices.

NIMH DAQ Toolbox was capable of this from the beginning but the feature was
simply blocked in the main menu, to keep compatibility with old NI boards.
Misconfiguration of the DIO input/output direction can crash MATLAB though.

- A critical issue in the flushdata function of NIMH DAQ Toolbox is fixed. It
could crash MATLAB while the new [I/O Test] window was open.

* Changes in 2.2.6 (Jan 22, 2021)

+ All Pause menu options are reviewed so that using them may not alter the
subject screen.

+ Now the refresh button updates screen device info as well.

+ When the joystick cursor is not shown to the subject, the cursor on the
control screen becomes an open shape to indicate it.

- Improved detection of prerequisite libraries

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