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2.2.2 & 2.0.223 (Oct 8, 2020)

Posted by Jaewon 
2.2.2 & 2.0.223 (Oct 8, 2020)
October 08, 2020 11:31AM
* Changes in 2.2.2 (Oct 8, 2020)

+ The stability of sound playback in WASAPI Exclusive is improved.

+ A button for reloading the device list is added to the I/O submenu and the
Other device settings menu. There is no need to restart NIMH ML when new
hardware is plugged in.

- The timestamp inserted in the formatted filename is determined when the run
button is clicked. (Thanks to RN8JR from the NIMH ML forum)

- A problem that the photodiode tuning tool saves an incorrect threshold value
is fixed. (Thanks to suzukit from the NIMH ML forum)

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