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Jul 31, 2019 build 193

Posted by Jaewon 
Jul 31, 2019 build 193
July 31, 2019 02:51PM
* Changes in NIMH MonkeyLogic 2 (Jul 31, 2019)

+ A problem that ML crashes on some non-English versions of Windows is fixed.

+ All graphic functions and GUIs are rewritten for faster performance in
recent versions of MATLAB.

+ Now all graphic adapters supports multiple object creation via the List
property and you can adjust properties of each object independently. Please
see the function manual for details.

box = BoxGraphic(null_);
box.List = { [0 0 1], [1 0 0], [2 2], [-5 0], 1, 0; % edgecolor, facecolor, size, position, scale, angle
[0 1 0], [0 0 1], [1 1], [5 0], 2, 45 };

box.Position(2,:) = [5 5]; % move the 2nd object to a new location
box.Angle(1) = 45; % rotate the 1st object by 45 degrees

+ All graphic adapters, including TextGraphic, ImageGraphic and MovieGraphic,
have new properties, Scale and Angle, which controls the size and rotation
of the graphic object(s).

+ SingleTarget is updated to respond more sensitively to touch input.

+ MultiTarget can use a different Threshold for each target now.

+ Task flow control options in the Task menu are disabled when a userloop
function is loaded, to indicate that those options are not used with the

+ You can abort the task immediately in the userloop by assigning -1 to

+ mp3 can be used for sound stimuli (R2012b or later).

+ STM objects can be created from WAV files.

+ mlplayer remembers directories previously searched for stimuli and custom

- In the alert_function, 'task_end' doesn't occur after 'task_aborted' anymore.

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